MPU 001: All About E-Mail

MPU Logo We actually talked about e-mail for 2 hours. But we didn’t want to scare too many people away with our very first podcast so we decided to release this episode in two parts.

In part one we talk about the differences between IMAP and POP and why we prefer IMAP, storing messages, Mobile Me and Gmail  services, managing multiple email accounts, Apple Mail, smart folders, rules, spotlight search, data detectors, stationary, thread organization, To-Do management, mail stationary, plug-ins, archiving messages, spam filtering and more.

Part two will be released in about a week where we’ll go in-depth on our various systems for managing email, the pros and cons of each system, developing a good email work flow, learning how not to become a slave to your inbox, email etiquette and other useful tools.

Links of note

Apple Mail Add-ons

Mail Act-On

Mail Tags


Task Management



Other Tools




MacSpeech Dictate

Other Resources

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