MPU 004: Staying in Sync

MPU Logo In our fourth episode we talk about a subject that plagues many Mac users, keeping thing in sync. Whether you’re trying to sync documents or data to another computer, a mobile device, or the cloud we talk about various products and services to allow you to always have your data available no matter where you are. We discuss various options including MobileMe and Dropbox for file syncing, as well as programs that keep just specific types of data, such as music or calendars in sync.

1) Please excuse the audio quality and some hard cuts in the editing. We had a horrible time with Skype dropping out while trying to record this show and had to put the show together from a series of recordings.

2) Our friend Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline recently addressed the problem of how to sync files using DropBox when the files have to be located in specific folders and can’t be moved to the Dropbox folder. Unfortunately, his show was published after we already recorded ours. You can find information on creating links to files and folders for syncing in his Screencast 202- Mac Hints & Tips Montage – 08

Links of noteMobileMe
Google Sync
Spider Oak
Zumo drive
Microsoft Live Sync
Spanning Sync
My Tune Sync
iPhoto Library Manager