MPU 013: Task Management Smackdown

MPU Logo We’ve gotten a lot of requests for this episode, so here it is, our Task Management Smackdown. In one corner, David and The Omni Group’s Omni Focus. In another, Katie and Cultured Code’s Things. The duo discuss their system for managing tasks and how their preferred application helps to get things done. The verdict: the Mac has two excellent programs.

Links of note
Things – Cultured Code

Omni Focus – The Omni Group

David Allen, Getting Things Done

Curt Clifton – Omni Focus Scripts

Things Wiki

OmniFocus GTD White Paper

ScreenCastsOnline Tutorials:

Things – Part 1

Things – Part 2

Things for iPhone

OmniFocus Basics

Advanced OmniFocus & iPhone Client

Jeremy Burton’s Take on OmniFocus v. Things

Note2Self iPhone App