Mac Power Users Vimeo Channel

Vimeo LogoOne of our goals for 2012 was to supplement our shows with additional video content. David started last year with his awesome OmniFocus Ninja Trick series of videos and we’re continuing today by launching a Mac Power Users Vimeo Channel and hope to semi-regularly post short screencasts to supplement Mac Power Users shows.

After polling our audience, we have decided not to include these shows as part of the regular podcast feed. They will instead supplement our shows and be available through our website or our Vimeo channel which can be accessed through the Vimeo website, an RSS feed and through various streaming channels including many set top boxes, televisions, software packages.

Today, you’ll find a new Configuring OpenDNS screencast posted on Vimeo and soon it will be joined by the OmniFocus Ninja Tricks series with more screencasts to come. We hope you enjoy this addition to Mac Power Users.

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