Mac Power Users broadcasts weekly to a savvy, influential audience of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, professionals and tech-savvy consumers. Our show features focused topics and workflow guests with the goal of helping people use their Macs more productively. We’re always looking for sponsors that will benefit our listeners.

Our podcast has consistently been ranked among the top technology podcasts in iTunes and other aggregators and  we enjoy active participation from our informed audience. We’re selective with our sponsors and try to provide informative, educational, and relevant content in each promotional spot rather than a standard canned ad read. Unlike news shows, our episodes remain of value and see active downloads long after the initial publish date so your promotion will continue to reach a new audience long after the intitial ad run.

If you’re looking to focus your marketing efforts to a premium and target audience advertising on Mac Power Users is an excellent way to promote your service, website, or brand. We a variety of sponsorship opportunities at competitive pricing. For more information, please contact us.


What People Are Saying:

“Mac Power Users is a great podcast that reaches a great audience. It’s unique in the podcast landscape, because the episodes are jam-packed with helpful content that does not go stale. MPU sponsorship spots are more valuable because they continue to be downloaded in large numbers over time.

The hosts, David Sparks and Katie Floyd, are the perfect representatives of our products and our brand. They are hard-working, geeky, and serious about productivity, and yet I’m sure their friendly sense of humor makes listeners smile.”
Jean MacDonald, Partner, Smile and Show Sponsor

“When Katie and David talk about a product, one can hear that they really are using it and are speaking from experience – it’s not plastic marketing talk. Especially for LaunchBar it was important for us that the product’s features are commented on from a user’s perspective, trustworthy and believable. The Mac Power Users delivered exactly that.” – Johannes Tiefenbrunner, Developer of Launchbar and Show Sponsor

Working with David and Katie and sponsoring the podcast has been a wonderful experience for us.  They are fun and well respected and their endorsement and knowledge of our products is genuine.  They have a large audience and the content of their show is always useful … it’s an all around great fit! Molly Reed, Vice President of Operations, The Omni Group and Show Sponsor

“I’m a big fan of Mac Power Users. I’m struck by how even the sponsor promotions are incredibly useful. The very brief and appropriate “commercial interruptions” are an extension of the insightful podcasts itself. I have bought several of the sponsor products not to support the podcast but just because like they sounded like they would be so useful and indeed turned out to be the case…”
– “geowyn”, iTunes Review

“Great podcast. These guys know what they are talking about. Great insightful tips on being a power users. Only drawback is the money I end up spending after I end up listening to each episode.”
– Steve Gary, iTunes Review